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The attorneys at Tampa Bay Divorce Firm treat every case in a professional manner.  We understand the unique challenges clients face when dealing with a family law-divorce situations, and we will ensure your matter is handled in a professional manner.


The attorneys at Tampa Bay Divorce Firm have over 70 combined years of legal experience. That wealth of experience ensures clients receive every advantage possible.


The number one complaint that clients report against lawyers is a failure to communicate with them and keep them informed.  We at Tampa Bay Divorce Firm take great pride in making sure we are always accessible to our clients.

divorce affects

the rest of your life

A divorce is not only the end of your marriage. The decision to dissolve a marriage is one of the most important decisions an individual can make and it has results that last years or even a lifetime. The matters determined in your divorce will affect the rest of your life and those you care about.

obtain an Order

for custody

In Florida, where the parents of a child were never married, either parent may obtain an Order for custody/timesharing and child support by seeking and obtaining an order establishing the paternity of the child.


  • “Mr. Green is a very skilled family law attorney. He was professional, knowledgeable and thorough during all phases of a complicated post judgment settlement case. Mr. Green responded promptly to questions and concerns and made sure I was well informed at all times. I would highly recommend him counsel for family law cases.”

  • “Greg listened, set my expectations from the start about the process and talked about possible outcomes, cost, anticipated duration and the like. Then he set to work making the journey as painless as possible under the circumstances. And by the end of it, that very first consultation wound up rather prophetic.”

  • "I was referred to Greg by a good friend who had used him for a divorce case years ago. I had just been served with divorce paperwork and was able to schedule an initial meeting with Greg the same week I was served. I was impressed from the initial meeting. Greg was thorough and informative at the initial meeting. He made sure that I was aware and understood how the divorce process would proceed, and more importantly how the process would eventually conclude."

  • "I hired Greg to help me with a custody dispute that I was involved in with my ex. He told me from the beginning exactly what to expect and how the process would go. We made a total of 3 Court appearances together, and at every Court appearance I felt that we were more prepared than my ex and her attorney. In the end the case settled and I am very happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Greg to any of you looking for a family law attorney. He knows the law knows the process and knows how to treat his clients."

  • "Kathryn, was very thorough, patient and understanding. She was also knowledgeable and kept me going in the right direction at all times. I would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone."

  • "I truly am so thankful for my attorney Kathryn Ashley. She saw me through a very difficult and stressful divorce. Excellent job and professionalism, I would recommend Kathryn to anyone looking for a good Attorney"

  • "Katie was my attorney for my divorce case and did a fantastic job. She was knowledgeable, trustworthy and dependable. She was always able to answer any questions I had, completed athorough job and walked me through every step of the process navigating the different motions that were filed by my ex husband. She was present for every hearing and took the time to prepare for the hearings, motions and explained what was being filed, why and the possible outcomes. I would highly recommend her services to anyone and would use her again if needed."

  • "I hired Kathryn Ashley to represent me for my divorce. She is a very thorough and compassionate attorney that was always available whenever I would have a question or concern. The divorce was settled out of court, which saved me a lot of money. I would highly recommend Ms. Ashley!"

  • "At a difficult time in my life, Katie was very helpful, kind, and honest. She is great at what she does, and she aided immensely in successfully resolving any issues that came about, in the course of my case."

  • "You will never find an attorney that cares more about you and your situation. She guided me through each step of the process. Kathryn and her staff always kept me well informed of upcoming hearings and things of that nature. She is very professional and personable. I felt very comfortable working with her. All telephone calls and emails were returned promptly and I was kept informed as to what was happening in my case."


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