Does the Date of Separation Matter?

Florida does not recognize any legal status of separation between spouses. There is no need to file any documents with any court stating an intention to separate. However, this date can become important later in the divorce proceedings. It is particularly important when it comes to the equitable division of finances. This means that the [...]

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Can Courts Award Non-Biological Parents Custody?

In the state of Florida, the court of law maintains that there is an inherent value to children being with their biological parents. The presumption is that, in most cases, the health, safety, and well-being of the child are most benefited from being with their biological parent or parents. That said, there are a few [...]

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The History of Divorce in America

America’s fascination has lasted as long as the country has been around. We are a country that values all freedoms. That includes the freedom to dissolve the union of marriage. Read on to learn about the history of divorce in America. 1629 – Puritan Divorce The history of divorce in America starts with the Puritans. [...]

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The History of Divorce

As long as humans roam the Earth, there is love and heartbreak. We have plenty of evidence from this throughout history. In modern times, there is still a bit of a stigma that comes along with divorces. However, the modern world accepts divorce now more than ever. A lot of work goes into getting humans [...]

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Property Division During Divorce

One of the most common concerns during a divorce, for both parties, is how the court will divide property. Spouses often want certain assets and squabbles ensue over who gets what. This week, we are talking about property division during divorce. Read on to learn about property division rules in the state of Florida and [...]

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Domestic Violence And Divorce

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, over ten million individuals in the United States experience violence at the hands of their partner every year. Not all of these people are legally married. However, many of them are. Escaping a violent situation is already difficult and complicated, even without the prospect of divorce. This [...]

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Reconsidering Divorce? Questions To Ask Yourself Before Filing

Every relationship goes through rough patches. While most people know that no couple is perfect, that is sometimes hard to remember in the heat of the moment. Sometimes an emotional response leads people to file divorce preemptively. On the other hand, divorce might be a carefully considered decision, but due to different factors, you are [...]

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Establishing Paternity & Why It Is Important, Part Two

Last week we looked at what exactly paternity is and how to voluntarily establish paternity. Establishing paternity is essential in a wide variety of legal circumstances. This week, we look at orders of paternity, when establishing paternity is important and the benefits of establishing paternity. Read on to learn how to establish paternity and how [...]

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Establishing Paternity & Why It Is Important, Part One

Paternity is an important legal determination that impacts both parents as well as the child or children in the situation. This is all the more important when going through a divorce process. Custody agreements and child support require proof of paternity. Read on to learn the basics of establishing paternity in Florida and why it [...]

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Post Judgement Modification 101: An Introduction

While the process of going through divorce court is sometimes painful and often difficult, many people assumes the process stops once the judgement is issued. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes post judgement modification happens because one of the parties is acting belligerent. On the other hand, it is also common when people [...]

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