Gift Giving Tips For Divorced Parents

The holidays are a time for family and joy, but for a divorced family, the holidays present a variety of challenged. A major concern for divorced parents is the gift giving process. Whether the gift is for the holidays, for a birthday, or for a special event like graduation, parents want only the best for [...]

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Strategic Divorce, What The Heck Is That?

The conversation of strategic divorces originated with the already fierce presidential race for the 2020 election. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders both set forward wealth taxes on certain amounts of money. Leading some extremely rich people to consider a strategic divorce in order to avoid paying taxes on their hundred of millions of [...]

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There’s A Website For That? The Rise Of The Divorce Website

This is a digital age, whether you believe that to be a good or bad thing is a personal opinion. However, nobody can deny the extensive reach of technology. Since its inception, the Internet has contained dating sites and romance. With smart phones this digital romance went mobile. Doesn’t it make sense that the end [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About A Sleep Divorce

If someone lives in America, they know what a divorce is. It is also likely that they know the statistics od divorce – about 40-50% of first marriages end within 10 years. However, relationship experts are putting forward a new idea to save some people’s relationships: a sleep divorce. They suggest that a sleep divorce [...]

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Surprising Divorce Facts Part Two

Last week, we explored some surprising facts about divorce. We have combined information from studies and surveys across the Internet to find these facts. It is suggested that you go back and read last week’s facts before delving into this week’s. The Who The average age of a couple going through their first divorce is [...]

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Surprising Divorce Facts Part One

Divorce, because it seems scary to so many people, has myths that have built up around it over time. Trying to find facts can be confusing because there is no shortage of studies, statistics, and figures. We are here – with the help of Wilkinson & Finkbeiner family law attorneys – to bring you as [...]

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How To End An Engagement

For some people, the nerves before their wedding are simply anxiety. Will I trip walking down the aisle? What if I start ugly crying in front of our guests? Does the caterer have enough food for everyone? However, for some people, those nerves bely deeper misgivings about the relationship. If someone has concerns about the [...]

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Ways To Help Children Cope With Divorce

Divorces are a difficult process, whether you were the partner that initiated the separation or not. If there are children to consider, it makes the process that much more difficult. As parents, it is normal to want to believe that your child is simply shockingly well-adapted and able to take a divorce into stride. However, [...]

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Top Tips For A Healthy Marriage

Divorce statistics are increasingly abysmal in the United States. Only around half of the first-time brides and grooms in the country remain married. However, the American Psychological Association has some tips for a healthy marriage that lasts. These ideas should be viewed as goals rather than a checklist that will give you a healthy marriage. [...]

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