Top Tips For A Healthy Marriage

Divorce statistics are increasingly abysmal in the United States. Only around half of the first-time brides and grooms in the country remain married. However, the American Psychological Association has some tips for a healthy marriage that lasts. These ideas should be viewed as goals rather than a checklist that will give you a healthy marriage. [...]

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What Can Child Support Be Spent On?

Anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of first marriages in the United States end in divorce. That percentage only increases for subsequent marriages. Nearly every divorced couple that have children together also have a child support arrangement. The only way to avoid an arrangement is if both parents earn the same amount of money, and [...]

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Relocation And How It Impacts Custody

Co-parenting after a divorce is a unique challenge. The greatest challenge for many ex-spouses dealing with co-parenting is custody agreements and visitation. Usually, the court tries to get ahead of any future issues that may arise, including relocation. What Is Relocation? Relocation is when the parent with primary custody, or a parent that shares custody [...]

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How To Take Care Of The Legal Aspects Of A Wedding

A wedding is a time for joy and celebration, it represents love and the joining of two families. However, nobody can ignore the stress or effort that goes into planning for the big event. Most couples do not worry about the legal side of weddings, their focus is on the day itself. Fortunately, the state [...]

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Domestic Violence Injunctions

All relationships can be tumultuous at times, but violence in a relationship hurts the victimized partner physically, mentally, and emotionally. Domestic violence injunctions are a legal step you can take to protect yourself and other people who may be in the household. Injunctions are often the first step toward the abuser actually facing punishment for [...]

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Grandparent Rights In Florida

Florida, known in part for its large population of senior citizens, is surprisingly one of the states in the US where it is extremely tough to obtain grandparent rights. A lot of this has to do with precedents set in the past, and how the state views individual rights. Read on to learn about grandparent [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Being A Custodial Parent

A custodial parent is the parent that has sole custody of the child, or the parent that the child(ren) spend the majority of their time with. Acting as the sole parent is a privilege and a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.  Read on to learn what is means to be a custodial parent, [...]

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Emotional Divorce: What It Is & How It Impacts Families

The divorce statistics in America are high enough that most of the population knows what a legal divorce is: a legal dissolution of a marriage. Yet an emotional divorce is increasingly commonplace as legal divorce becomes more expensive. What exactly is an emotional divorce and how does it differ in impact from a legal one? [...]

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Handling School-Year Challenges As A Single Parent

It is indisputable that being a single parent is a herculean task in general, but the school year can be particularly challenging. Parenting requires an immense amount of time, particularly when you are trying to balance pick up and drop off schedules, your work schedule, your child’s extracurricular activities, and making sure that they’re getting [...]

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