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Florida Law: The Rights of Stepparents

Laws and statutes in Florida may change in the time a family is considering legal action. It is best practice to seek legal services and counsel prior to making a legal decision. Moving on from a divorce is important. Naturally, that means that divorcees meet someone new and eventually marry. Stepparents may play a pivotal [...]

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Factors Of Alimony In Florida

If there is one certainty in a divorce, it is the determination of alimony. Factors of alimony in Florida will help a judge make a decision on what type of alimony to base his judgement. Alimony hearings can be one of the less appealing parts of processing a divorce. This article includes a breakdown of [...]

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Establishing Paternity in Florida

This article provides general information on establishing paternity in Florida. However, this article does not stand in place of the expert advice of a lawyer who can provide information catered to the unique situation of your family. Contact a lawyer today. Family is perhaps the most important dynamic in every society. However, a lack of [...]

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How To Answer Your Children’s Questions About Divorce, Part Two

The process of a divorce is confusing to many adults, let alone the children involved. To that end, kids often ask plenty of questions about the divorce. Some of those questions might be more specific to your family’s situation. Others may be more broad questions about love and marriage. No matter what the question is, [...]

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How To Answer Your Children’s Questions About Divorce, Part One

Going through a divorce is a challenging time in and of itself, let alone going through a divorce with children. While the divorce does challenge the parents, it may challenge the children even more. Many divorced parents struggle with answering the questions their children have about divorce. That is through no fault of their own, [...]

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3 Key Financial Tips To Consider In A Divorce

A major consideration when it comes to divorce proceedings is financial concerns. Who gets what? Do we need to sell the house? Alimony? Child support? These are all questions that go through divorcees minds, and for good reason. So what should people do to safeguard their own interests? This week we are listing financial tips [...]

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Does Divorce Solve An Unhappy Marriage?

For many people, the answer to that question would be a “Yes! Obviously!” However, it is important to note that for many people, a divorce is a traumatic emotional event. Additionally, couples that have children together still have to interact with one another on a regular basis. In situations such as that, has the unhappiness [...]

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Signs Of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a difficult and emotional subject to talk about. If you are sensitive to any discussion of abuse, this may not the be the article for you. The Florida Department of Children and Families has online reporting tools if you or someone you love needs those resources. As difficult as it is to [...]

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Collaborative Divorce 101

Collaborative divorce is increasingly popular for a number of reasons. However, many couples know more about divorce litigation than a collaborative divorce.  Collaborative divorce is, in actuality much less intimidating than divorce litigation most of the time. Read on to learn all about collaborative divorce and its benefits. Why Should I Go Through A Collaborative [...]

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