How interesting would it be to know that the Coronavirus can save marriages? There is so much negativity in the world surrounding the pandemic, it’s important to appreciate the good coming out of it. All around the world, strangers are becoming more social and lifting each other’s spirits. What about married couples? Today, we’re focusing on how the coronavirus can actually save failing marriages.

The global pandemic has brought light out of the darkest corners of the world. Neighbors are singing to one another on balconies in Italy. Whole orchestras are streaming together from many countries to practice together. In the US, children are writing messages of hope with sidewalk chalk and sharing them on social media. Our world is in the midst of an evolution of sorts. Families have rediscovered what it means to be together. Couples have rediscovered why they fell in love in the first place.

Factors That Save Marriages

If you sit down and list out all the reasons marriages fail you would see things like time, attention and passion. After all, if a marriage doesn’t know how to balance these things, scales tip in unwanted favors. For instance, if a husband shows lack of attention to his wife, she’s likely to show less passion. This give and take is what makes a marriage special. You have to really love someone in order to compromise your own wishes daily.

But, what does this have to do with the coronavirus? News channels show that social distancing is bringing people together. Through social media, through respectable distances, through acknowledgement, people are literally reaching out to on another. These actions cry out “I value you”. If this is happening with strangers, imagine the good it could do for couples.

Married couples are now stuck in the home together, forced to see each other daily. Time can only be spent near one another. Attention can be directed away from work and leisure, back toward each other. If enjoyment comes from a couple who are attentive and spend time with one another, then passion can reemerge in the relationship. Balance can be restored.

Factors Harming Marriages

Unfortunately, the reverse can also be true. There is no way of knowing that a marriage was saved or ruined solely based on the existence of a virus. If a marriage was failing, it would have happened regardless of a pandemic. Although, the stay-at-home orders could have exacerbated the issues. The coronavirus could be ending marriages just as easily as it could be saving marriages.

Time where a couple is forced to be around each other every moment can lead to arguments and unhappiness. Attention is almost completely negative, and passion doesn’t exist. When this happens, divorce is a healthy option. Separating a negative relationship is good for both party’s majority of the time.

As a divorce firm, you may think that we would be looking for marriages to fail. That’s far from true. At Tampa Divorce Firm, we believe in the strength people have together, just as much as we believe in the strength of the individual. If a relationship is bound for divorce, we are here to help make the process as easy as possible.

At Tampa Divorce Firm we support the family unit, whether it is separating through divorce or thriving through a custody arrangement. If you need help with a legal issue, contact us today.