Reasons You Need a Divorce Lawyer, Other than Money

Some people don’t have much money at stake in a divorce, or they aren’t concerned about it. It may lead them to believe that they don’t really need a divorce lawyer. Just sign some papers and everything should be good to go. But there are a lot of reasons you need a divorce lawyer — [...]

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Handling Post-Judgment Enforcement Issues

When the court finalizes a divorce, everyone heaves a sigh of relief. It feels like a chapter has finally come to a close. However, sometimes circumstances change after the divorce is finalized. Sometimes one party fails to live up to their agreements. What then? As frustrating as it may be, you might need a lawyer [...]

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Prenuptials & Divorce: What to Know

Prenuptials are designed to facilitate understanding and communication during a marriage, preventing the worst parts of a potential end to the marriage. If a marriage with prenuptials eventually comes to divorce, you might think that things will be straightforward. After all, prenuptials spell out the terms of divorce. What Prenuptials Usually Include Prenups vary depending [...]

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What’s The Impact Of Divorce On Your Career?

The impact of a divorce on someone's career should be taken very seriously. A lot of people split up every year and it has become almost a commodity, but still ... Did you know that this life event has so much impact on work that many people drop out their job during their divorce? Moreover, [...]

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How To Co-Parent During Coronavirus

These are strange times for everyone, including divorced couple who co-parent together. But one thing is clear. Like every parent, you follow the measures that the U.S government has issued. These are objective and concrete and not open to discussion. If desired, you can go through these together so that the rules are clear and [...]

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How Coronavirus Impacts Alimony

In times of crisis everyone is concerned and we have more questions than answers. It is not an easy task to keep a cool head and make wise decisions. When you are going through a divorce, you already have many uncertainties. The separation touches all facets of your life. Coronavirus impacts only augment this change. [...]

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Domestic Violence During Coronavirus

Closed schools. Mandatory working from home. Uncertainty about your future. There is no way to go. A dangerous cocktail that can quickly add stress to families and lurk physical or emotional and sexual abuse. The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about the increase in domestic violence during this corona crisis. In these challenging times, [...]

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How to Answer Your Children’s Questions About Divorce, Part 3

Divorce is a stressful and emotional time for everyone involved. Children are especially susceptible in this time, because they don’t fully understand the details of what is happening around them. Divorce brings up any number of questions in a child’s mind about how their family is changing. It’s never easy to answer questions about divorce, [...]

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How To Get An Annulment In Florida

This article provides general information on filing an annulment in Florida. However, this article does not stand in place of the expert advice of a lawyer who can provide information catered to your unique situation. Contact a lawyer today. Getting an annulment in Florida might be less of a process than you would think. Newlyweds [...]

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Divorce Consultation Q & A

The divorce consultation can be intimidating. We get it. Consultations are meant to answer your questions so that correct actions can be taken in regards to your case. Your lawyer knows what questions to ask you to build your case. But, what exactly are you supposed to ask your divorce lawyer? Today, we're listing some [...]

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