How Coronavirus Impacts Alimony

In times of crisis everyone is concerned and we have more questions than answers. It is not an easy task to keep a cool head and make wise decisions. When you are going through a divorce, you already have many uncertainties. The separation touches all facets of your life. Coronavirus impacts only augment this change. [...]

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Can The Coronavirus Save Marriages?

How interesting would it be to know that the Coronavirus can save marriages? There is so much negativity in the world surrounding the pandemic, it's important to appreciate the good coming out of it. All around the world, strangers are becoming more social and lifting each other's spirits. What about married couples? Today, we're focusing [...]

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Co-parenting During Emergencies: The Coronavirus

Successful co-parenting during emergencies says a lot about the nature of divorced individuals. Co-parenting is difficult to do on a good day. Throw a pandemic in the mix and you have a situational standoff. But, when two people look at each other with understanding and compassion as a parent, things change. Today, we're talking about [...]

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How To End An Engagement

For some people, the nerves before their wedding are simply anxiety. Will I trip walking down the aisle? What if I start ugly crying in front of our guests? Does the caterer have enough food for everyone? However, for some people, those nerves bely deeper misgivings about the relationship. If someone has concerns about the [...]

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