Collaborative Divorce

The traditional divorce process through court can be very expensive, highly emotional and exceptionally lengthy. Collaborative divorce is a way for the family to stay out of court and make the process their own. A collaborative team is assembled which includes a psychological neutral, a financial neutral and the 2 lawyers.

Collaborative divorce is an option for couples who want work out their divorce settlement themselves. Collaborative divorce strives to bring about settlement in a manner that addresses the needs of both Parties and the specific needs associated with their family.

Lawyers retained for a collaborative divorce are almost always specially trained in the concepts and tools of collaborative divorce. Attorneys in the collaborative process are meant to be client advocates and facilitate settlements that are fair for all involved.

If the parties in a collaborative divorce process cannot reach a settlement, neither the lawyer nor anyone from their firm may represent the couple if a divorce petition is filed, and a traditional divorce process begins. This rule encourages all involve to be completely committed to the process of reaching a settlement.

Greg Green is a member of Next Generation Divorce, which is a local organization of collaboratively trained lawyers. Mr. Green has handled a large number of collaborative cases, and has a success rate in the high 90 percent range regarding settling these cases.