Closed schools. Mandatory working from home. Uncertainty about your future. There is no way to go. A dangerous cocktail that can quickly add stress to families and lurk physical or emotional and sexual abuse. The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about the increase in domestic violence during this corona crisis. In these challenging times, it is a valid reason to be concerned and it is everyone’s civic duty to ring the bell and seek help if they think they see something suspicious.

Domestic Violence – Not As Far Away As You Think

Last week, high school students in Europe witnessed their teacher’s abuse. The students saw her partner hurting her during an online lesson. Students and parents alike felt shock. Not only about what was done to the teacher, but also that this horrible fact happened before their eyes. Unfortunately, anyone who thinks domestic violence is far from their home will be disappointed. There are more victims of any form of physical, sexual or psychological violence in the home than people think. The worst part is that this all being witnessed by even more children every year.

Attached At The Hip

The police are seeing an increase in the number of incidents that take place behind closed doors during “corona time”. The coronavirus measures force family members to coexist 24/7 . Those measures take their toll. Teachers, family members, local residents and employers play a crucial role here.

What Happens Behind Closed Doors Is Also A Matter For Employers

Since working from home is the norm now, the involvement of the employer in a livable situation at home is increasing. By keeping in contact and making video calls regularly, he gets an idea of ​​the home situation of his employees, even if it is not the best. The exceptional situation in which we work and live shifts the responsibilities of employers. Employers should stimulate their employees to live healthy and inform them about the different government Corona virus reporting points, where they can go if they experience domestic tensions. Especially if there are children in the game, anticipating early can reduce or prevent problems.

Role Of The Teacher

When it comes to our children, teachers play an essential role in identifying and getting help for children who are being abused. Because teachers and children no longer see each other in real time, other channels have to be used to keep in touch. Here, too, video calling is important, not only to go through the course material, but also to check whether the home situation of students is stable and safe. If the teacher has doubts about this, they should always call the authorities so that they can take action.

Together the community is trying to stop the spread of the corona virus with an intelligent lockdown. It’s imperative to do this safely for everyone.

Community Can Help

It is important to think about how you can be there for others during these challenging times. A small gesture for one can be crucial for the other. Especially now it is important to offer each other help in the form of a listening ear on the phone and/ or send a text message. This way you can relief another parent for a few hours a day. By showing empathy you can add a protective factor and reduce the risk for children to be exposed to domestic violation.