Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – every child custody battle is difficult, but it can get especially tough for fathers. In the situations where the mother is deemed as fit for custody, fathers need to put a lot of effort to win the battle. Here are some tips that can help get a positive outcome.

1.      Always Pay Child Support on Time

It is a way of showing the judge that you are a responsible parent that cares about the well-being of his children. Whether you have an informal deal with the mother or court order, make sure to always pay on time.

You also want to keep track of your payments. Ask the mother to sign a receipt or keep the checks in a safe location. Remember, you have the option of asking for a modification if your income cannot cover the child support.

2.      Stick to the Visitation Plan

If you have designed a plan that determines when you can visit the child, make sure to stick to it. It is another way to show the court that you are a responsible parent fit for custody. Do not forget to keep track of the visits and present the records to the judge once the time comes.

3.      Be a Part of Your Child’s Life

You may face some restrictions due to the specifics of your relationship with the mother, but try to be a part of the child’s life as much as possible. For example, you can call and talk to the child frequently. It would be wise to do so in the evening so that you can see how was their day.

Additionally, you can visit the school of your children and get to know their tutors and principal. In case your child informs you of a school or social gathering that matters to them, and they ask you to attend, make sure to do so. Although you probably don’t need permission (unless a court order says otherwise), make sure to inform the mother to keep polite communication.

Naturally, do not miss important events like birthday parties. All that will strengthen your bond with the child, and the judges might also consider your effort.

4.      Make Room in Your Home

The chances are your children will occasionally stay with your overnight. You should do everything in your power to make their stay as comfortable as possible. It may be a smart idea to give them a couple of drawers, even a cupboard if you have enough space. Do not forget to buy some toys and create a playing area for the kid.

5.      Be Ready to Talk to the Judge

The judge will ask you a series of questions during the child custody battle. It is important to provide meaningful and important answers as a lot will depend on them. A professional and experienced lawyer can help you get ready by providing some insights on what the judge may ask you.

Some of the topics will include financial readiness, after-school activities, and housing options. Remember that the judges are only trying to protect the children and make the best decision for them, so make sure to be polite and respectful.