Grandparent Rights

We have all heard the very wise parable that “it takes a village” when referring to effectively raising children. Florida law does not necessarily fall in line with that wisdom.

There are a couple of ways for grandparents to gain custody of children in the state of Florida. One of those ways is to file a petition for temporary custody under Florida Statute 751. This statute deals with temporary custody and requires specific conditions to be met in order to file. This type of action can be an effective way for a grandparent to gain custody of their grandchild.

The legislature did pass another measure regarding grandparents in July of 2015. This is Florida Statute 752.011.  This statute allows for grandparent’s visitation if certain criteria are met relating to the parents. The criteria relate to the parents and involve death, missing parents, parents in a vegetative state or convicted felons as parents. It is imperative to speak to a lawyer at the divorce firm Tampa to see if you can exercise grandparent’s rights under one of the above statutes.