The fact that you are going through a divorce is difficult enough, but things can get even tougher if you have high net assets. It is not easy to decide on child custody and support, property division, and asset splitting. Things can get even more complicated if prenups or alimony are involved.

It doesn’t come as strange that high net asset divorces have some unique considerations. That is why it is vital to have a reliable attorney by your side. Before you hire one, you might want to read our simple guide and learn more about divorces with high stakes.

Prenups and Postnuptial Agreements

You might be romantic, but there is no room for emotions when it comes to high net assets. If you have signed a prenuptial agreement before entering the marriage with your spouse, the divorce can be an easier process. The chances are that a prenup will protect any assets you accumulated before the marriage. It is important to have a professional look at the prenup so that you can ensure that it is free of potential legal traps. If everything goes as expected, only assets obtained during the marriage will be a topic of discussion during the divorce.

In case you didn’t sign a prenup, perhaps you can consider a postnuptial agreement. If the other party agrees, you can sign a document at any point of your marriage that will define protection of assets in case of a divorce.

Is It Possible to Keep the Matter Out of Court?

If a collaborative divorce is an option, you should consider taking it, especially in case of high net worth divorce. Once your divorce hits the court, it makes the matter public. The chances are that the community will be interested in what is going on with your case, and you might not feel pleased with that. It is probably in your interest to make a deal with your spouse without heading to court.

You Should Have an Experienced Attorney by Your Side

You may be a legal expert yourself, but divorce is a tricky time. You may not be able to think emotionally and oversee important things that could help you get the best possible outcome. That is why having an experienced lawyer in your corner is of vital importance.

They will help you to prepare for the divorce and teach you how to behave, which is especially important if the matter reaches court. They will also work with your accountant, and maybe even a specialized forensic account to track any hidden assets. During the process, they will always look for the scenario that secures a positive outcome for you.

Speeding Things Up Means Reducing the Overall Cost of Divorce

It could be in your mutual interest to speed things up when going through a high net asset divorce. Evaluating all assets and dividing them takes time, and that increases the overall cost of the process. By accelerating things, you can minimize the expenses involved and even save some nerves by quickly reaching a conclusion.