During the marriage, it might have all been about love and romantics. When the time for divorce comes, everything becomes about finances and convenience. That is why you should consider collaborative divorce – it is both money and time saver, and it is the quickest way to move on to the next stage of your life.

It sounds great, but the truth is that even collaborative divorces take some effort. Let’s take a look at how you can make everything easier.

Show Commitment

If you want the collaborative divorce to success, you need to show commitment and put in an effort yourself. Keep in mind that you chose that path because it is easier than going to court, and make sure the other party understands that, too. As long as you are both invested in the process, the chances are everything will end quickly.

Consider about Hiring a Team

You are already familiar that each party should have an experienced and reliable lawyer that specializes in family and divorce law. Apart from that, you can also consider utilizing therapists, financial advisors, child specialists, and even life coaches. The idea is to form a team so that you can quickly handle any issue that comes up during the process. It may be an extra expense, but it is an excellent way of speeding things up and finding the best possible solution for every issue.

Your Goal Is Not to “Win”

It is hard to explain what does it mean to win in a divorce case. On one side, both parties lose because they ended a marriage. On the other hand, everybody wins because you do not have to go to court and spend a lot of money and time on an exhausting process.

That is why you shouldn’t focus on “winning” the divorce. Stick to thinking that the goal is to finish the divorce process quickly, and try to let go some of the small stuff. Compromise is important, and it will accelerate things.

Work on Your Listening Skills

The point of a collaborative divorce is for both sides to get the chance to tell their story. Use your time wisely and say everything that is on your mind. However, when the other party is talking, make sure to listen. You may uncover details that may lead to solutions down the road. That would be in your mutual interest because it would mean fewer meetings to finalize the divorce.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Questions

We already mentioned that you should work on your listening skills, but it is also important to present your requests. Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding anything that may seem unclear. If you have any problems with how the process is unfolding, make sure to speak up.

Try to rely on your lawyer or your team as much as possible, but make sure that you are certain in the decisions made. If necessary, research various issues and inform yourself so that you are ready to participate in the discussion.