To move on after a divorce can be difficult. Where to start searching for new love can be even worse. Luckily, someone was willing to put together a list of all the best places a divorcee can live to start over. The top three are not what we expected!

An article published by CNBC followed a study done by LendingTree in 2018 catering to a specific group of individuals: divorced people. This study, which can be broken down here, identified populated areas that fit certain criteria.

According to CNBC, the key factors included:

  • Economic Outcomes: A collection of values for divorced people who owned homes, paid rent and made an income.
  • Dating Prospects: A value for individuals divorced, widowed or never married.
  • Remarriage Risk Factors: The study identified the percentage of individuals who have been married more than three times, divorced or separated.

A score was given to each value, and those values were averaged out to score the best cities.

The list below looks at the top three best places to live when trying to move on after a divorce. If you have questions regarding your divorce or need help, contact Tampa Divorce Firm today.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

That’s right! The number one slot does not belong to a city typically associated with the single life.  However, it may just be the place to sit back and let love happen.

The number one result from that study published by LendingTree showed Minneapolis, Minnesota as the best place for a person to move on from a divorce. But what about this city makes this the perfect place to meet someone?

Perhaps it is taking a stroll in the wild and exploring natural wonders. There are incredible state parks and wildlife reserves, perfect for taking a walk and nice long talks. If that’s not interesting enough, take a look at number two.

  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin casually strolled in at number two on the list out of 100 cities. This Midwestern capital may attract some of the more laid back individuals. This city is known for several beautiful museums including the Harley Davidson Museum and the Milwaukee Art Museum. This city is also known for its breweries.

If an idea of a good time includes brushing up on some history or sipping a lager, Milwaukee may be just the place to help someone move on from divorce.

  1. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan may be number three on the list, but it certainly has more than enough content to attract single individuals.  Famously known as “Motor City”, anyone with a love for cars would be right at home here. Although, it does get cold in Detroit. Finding a good coffee shop and striking up a conversation with a stranger may be just what someone needs to move on from a divorce.

While the results of this study are interesting, there’s more to moving on from a divorce than just choosing where to live. If not prepared properly, divorce judgments may restrict an individual’s ability to move from state to state. Relocation may also affect visitation rights and custody agreements.

Moving on from divorce can be just as wonderful as a person could want, but it’s important to have all legal ducks in row before making that big move.

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