A little over 68% of households in the United States have some sort of pet in their home. With approximately 50% 0f married couples getting divorce, there’s bound to be overlap between the two groups. For some people, the pets are essential to the composition of their family. In fact, pets may be the only children a couple has. Pets can be a form of security, companionship, or a necessary medical tool. But how do you explain a divorce to your furry friend? Read on to learn all about how pets are handled during a divorce.

Who Do They Go With?

Pets are part of the family, but they can’t communicate like humans do. How do families decide which pets go with who? For the most part, there are two ways to decide pet custody during divorce. If there are children involved, the pets often accompany the children’s custody arrangement. Animals are extremely helpful when people are going through big changes and emotional turmoil. Often, the pets stay with the kids because the animals are a tool that help them adjust. If there are no children in the picture, pets often stay with whoever is remaining in the family home. The alternative to this is remaining with whichever human brought them into the home.

There are obviously exceptions to these arrangements. Sometimes, pets favor one individual or another, and will almost pick who they want to go with themselves. Other times, that pet is a support animal and must go with one party.

Celebrity Pet Custody

  1. Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson – Piggie Smalls

The “it couple” for the better part of 2018, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson a teacup pig together about a month before their split. While they were not officially married, they were engaged, and pretty serious about one another. Davidson even got a tattoo of their little pig on his ribcage. Whatever caused them to end their engagement did not cause hatred between the two, so there was no dramatic mud-slinging. When it came to Piggie Smalls, there was no doubt as to who would keep the teacup pig. Ariana Grande had purchased the pig, so he got to stay with her. Purportedly, Davidson has permission from Grande to visit whenever he pleases.

Ariana Grande is also a dog mom now. When her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller passed away, he left his dogs to the care of Grande. Apparently, his 10 dogs were accepted into her house without question.

  1. Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart – Bear & Bernie

The couple, who met on the set of the pop culture phenomena Twilight, were together for a few years, until infidelity split them up. Unlike the previous couple, Pattinson and Stewart had an ongoing fight about who would get their two dogs Bear and Bernie. The point of contention was primarily around Bear, who Stewart had raised from a puppy. Ultimately, both dogs went to Pattinson, who can be seen driving around with the pups in his old pickup truck. Sources speculate that Stewart felt guilty for cheating and let the two dogs go as an apology to Pattinson.