Florida Law defines “relocation” as a change in the location of the principal residence of a parent from his or her principal place of residence at the time of the last order establishing or modifying custody/timesharing, or at the time of filing the pending action to establish or modify custody/timesharing. The change of location must be at least 50 miles from that residence, and for at least 60 consecutive days not including a temporary absence from the principal residence for purposes of vacation, education, or the provision of health care for the child.

If a parent wants to relocate with a child, he or she must meet a very high burden of proof, proving the move is in the best interests of the child and that it will not damage the child’s relationship with the other parent. Obtaining the Court’s permission to move is generally difficult. Despite these challenges, we have helped clients obtain Court orders allowing for relocation. We have also helped clients stop the other parent from relocating with the children.

If you are considering a relocation, or if you are seeking to keep another parent from moving, be sure that you are represented by a qualified Florida lawyer who specializes in family law relocation matters. Please contact Tampa Bay Divorce Firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced Florida relocation attorney.