Last week, we explored some surprising facts about divorce. We have combined information from studies and surveys across the Internet to find these facts. It is suggested that you go back and read last week’s facts before delving into this week’s.

The Who

  • The average age of a couple going through their first divorce is 30, with 60% of divorces involving people age 25 to 39.
  • Women are most often the ones to file for divorce in a relationship, with anywhere from 66%-75% of divorce papers filed by women.
  • Certain jobs lead to higher divorce rates:
  1. Dancers
  2. Bartenders
  3. Massage Therapists
  4. Gaming Cage Workers (counts money at casinos)
  5. Gaming Service Workers (employees at a casino that work the games)
  • While some experience lower divorce rates:
  1. Farmers
  2. Podiatrists (doctor for the feet and legs)
  3. Clergy
  4. Optometrists
  5. Agricultural Engineers (designs and improves farm machines and equipment)
  • There are a few markers that designate someone as less likely to end a marriage. These groups do not necessarily experience less marital strife, but often do not believe in ending marriages.
    • Religious, particularly Catholics and evangelical Christians
    • Upscale adults, those making more than $75,000
    • Asians, especially Eastern Asian
    • Those who self-identify as politically conservative on economic and social matters

The When

  • The average first marriage that ends in divorce lasts an average of 8 years. For women, marriages last a little longer at 7.9 years, while men’s last for 7.8.
  • January is “divorce month”, the week with the most divorce papers filed nearly every year is January 12-16. Perhaps people are spending a little bit too much time with their families over the holidays.

The Why

Here are the most common reasons people in the United States get divorced according to a national survey, given in order. Many people cited more than one of the following reasons.

  • Lack of commitment to the relationship
  • Too many arguments
  • Infidelity
  • Married too young, or their partner was emotionally immature
  • Unrealistic expectations (Oftentimes, this derives from people not understanding the work that goes into marriages.)
  • Lack of equality in the relationship
  • Lack of preparation for the relationship
  • Domestic violence or abuse, including physical violence, and emotional or mental manipulation

Same-Sex Marriage & Divorce

  • Same-sex couples divorce at about half the rate that straight couples do.
  • However, lesbian couples are much more likely to divorce or end a civil union than gay couples are.
  • Before gay marriage was made legal in all 50 states, there was a statistical discrepancy in divorce between states that allowed gay marriage and those that didn’t. States that did not allow same-sex marriage had significantly higher divorce rates than those that did.