This is a digital age, whether you believe that to be a good or bad thing is a personal opinion. However, nobody can deny the extensive reach of technology. Since its inception, the Internet has contained dating sites and romance. With smart phones this digital romance went mobile. Doesn’t it make sense that the end of romance has also gone digital? Enter the divorce website.

A divorce is an emotional and confusing time for all parties involved. If someone mid-divorce lives in a community that disapproves of or is even hostile toward divorcees, it makes sense to turn to the Internet. Read on to learn all about the wide range of divorce wesites available.


Divorceify is a site put together by two divorce attorneys and one attorney-cum-programmer. From their website, Divorceify states: “Divorceify gives you a roadmap to your divorce – a customized action plan, an education, access to reliable resources, and vetted local professionals selected specifically for you.” They site their goals for a “less stressful, more cost effective, and sane divorce.”

The founding trio are all women with extensive experience in the divorce law field. Fundamentally, Divorceify is divorce website that links people going through divorce to professionals who assist them through their divorce journey. The site connects uses to divorce attorneys, yes, but it also links them to financial advisors, divorce coaches, and professional mediators.

Nowadays, divorce is a process that truly takes a village. Or maybe two – one for each part of the divorce. Divorceify exists to help people build that village.

Wevorce & it’sovereasy

Wevorce and it’sovereasy are more like what most people think of when hearing the phrase “divorce website.” Both sites enable users to handle all divorce filing and the entire process online. It is highly recommended that these sites are only used for divorces that will be mostly simple. High net asset divorces or contested divorces need a more full legal experience.

Wevorce touts plans that includes options like Divorce Readiness and Child Support Calculator. Additionally, they help build co-parenting plans, divide assets, create documents, and a whole host of other services. Some are free, but many come with a price tag. However, that price tag is often lower than it would be at an attorney’s office.

it’sovereasy is a place to handle the legal side of divorce online, but they also help link divorcees to professionals in real life. Their reach goes a little further than one might expect. It includes therapists and financial planners, which are to be expected, but they’ll also link people to movers, a great masseuse, or even workout classes. Any professionals or lifestyle services a person could ever want, all at their fingertips.

While the actual divorce proceedings cost money, their index of resources is free and available to the public. Their options in Florida include lifestyle coaches, career coaches, lash services, and more.

The Takeaway

Divorce websites are an excellent resource for people going through a simple divorce or in need of connections. However, any complications whatsoever must be handled by a divorce attorney to avoid further complications and heartache in the future.