When divorcing, you have several options to finalize the process at your disposal. If you are looking for the most efficient and painless one, you should go ahead with the collaborative divorce. The only thing to make sure is that both parties are ready for that option.

A collaborative divorce means that you are ready to resolve any issues regarding property and asset division, as well as child support and custody, by working together peacefully. If you believe that is something you and your spouse can both manage, you will greatly benefit from that process. Let’s take a look at some of the obvious benefits that collaborative divorce has.

You Are in Control

If you head to court, that means that a judge that doesn’t even know you will get the right to decide about your future. On the other hand, you stay in control during the collaborative divorce. You may want to hire a professional divorce law attorney to help you in the process, but you will be the one making crucial decisions.

Save Yourself from Stress

A cooperative divorce will save you time and money because it shortens the process, which automatically decreases the cost. The most important thing, however, is that you will also save yourself from stress. The chances are working together on the divorce will (mostly) keep the frustration away as it is an indicator that both parties are willing to reach an agreement on all points.

Use the Information to Rebuild Your Life

During the process, you will be listing shared and separate property and assets. You will also agree on how to divide them, which means that you will have the list of what belongs to you in writing. That will help you to turn the page and start rebuilding your life right away.

Protect Your Intimacy

High net worth couples should know that agreeing to go to a courtroom means the entire process will go on a public record and be accessible to everyone. Additionally, it is not pleasant to talk in a full courtroom about your private details. If you would like to protect intimacy, a collaborative process is a way to go.

Forget About Sticking to Formality

The court will demand you to stick to legal and technical requirements, but collaborative divorce meetups allow you to be more creative. You will have more freedom to express your feelings and opinions. As long as you have professionals on your side and respect each other, you can discuss pretty much any topic and resolve issues by creating solutions that will perfectly fit your needs and expectations.

It Will Teach You to Be Around Each Other in the Long Run

If you have a child, the chances are the divorce process won’t be the last time you see your spouse. That is why you can use the cooperative divorce to get used to the fact to be around each other. Use the opportunity to make a smart parenting plan, and find a way to work together with the best interest of your children in mind.